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When Mediation Is The Right Way To Resolution

Settling a divorce, resolving a contested will, or reaching a conclusion to any dispute does not always require costly, bitter litigation. Reasonable people understand the importance of containing legal costs even when stakes are high.

A victory in the courtroom quickly becomes hollow when one or both sides have spent more on legal fees than whatever benefits may come through a lawsuit. A lawsuit also turns private family matters into public record. A tense legal struggle has a way of turning families inside out forever — making it difficult for divorced parents to collaborate in child rearing or leaving adult siblings as permanent enemies because of probate litigation.

Block Legal Services Can Prepare You And Advise You Through Mediation

Whether your legal dispute has to do with family law, estate law, a property dispute, or a business deal gone wrong, mediation may be the answer you are seeking. Mediation allows participants to resolve disputes in a creative, cooperative process. This pathway to settlement can limit costs, reduce the amount of time spent, and produce results that meet the needs of everyone involved more fully than what would be possible through traditional litigation.

Block Legal Services in Brookfield, Wisconsin, represents parties pursuing resolution through mediation in divorce, in will contests, and in other legal controversies. Contact the firm to learn how we can guide you through the process of mediation with your best interests at the forefront.

I Am Attorney William Block And I Am A Mediator

Besides serving as an advocate through mediation for my legal clients, I provide mediation services to individuals and businesses engaged in legal disputes. Some of these come as clients of other attorneys; some seek me out directly. As a mediator, I can work as a neutral third party to facilitate conversation between two adverse parties without representing either. This type of facilitative mediation can help parties get around emotional conflicts and find terms that work for both sides of a dispute while reducing the cost and time that would go into traditional litigation.

A mediator's role is to enforce a process of structured communication that reduces the emotional outbursts that can destroy all the progress already made. When mediating, I will not act as a lawyer or give any legal advice to either party. Instead, I will help each side see the strengths and weaknesses of their own positions and help each find out what the most important considerations are. Often times, there is a solution that could meet everyone's needs, but the parties are too close to the problem to see it. By coming at a problem from a new, objective angle, I can help people find solutions that they might not discover by themselves.

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