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Block Legal Services Can Help You Understand How Probate Will Work For You

Have you found yourself in need of guidance to administer a loved one's estate as an executor (personal representative)? This is, of course, a great responsibility. It is also a way to honor your loved one by wrapping up their affairs and distributing assets according to their wishes. However, you are wise to realize you may need help to do this right.

I am probate lawyer William D. Block in Brookfield, Wisconsin, serving the Milwaukee metro area and southeast Wisconsin. I am prepared to help you carry out the job of closing your loved one's estate.

Understand How Probate Works — And Then Get Started Without Delay

Learning how the process works is the first step. The following summary is general and not all of the steps here may apply in your case. I am here to take the mystery out of the probate process you need to complete, including:

Determine Whether There Is A Will

If there is no will, it is said that your loved one died "intestate." In such a case, I can help get you appointed as the executor through the probate court.

If there is a will, you can count on me to walk you through the necessary steps in a timely, cost-effective manner. I can assist as you file the will with the court, which is an important task even if most or all of the estate is covered by trusts.

If Applicable: Be Aware Of Wisconsin's Medicare Estate Recovery Program

The state may seek to recover certain long-term care services paid for by Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus from your loved one's estate unless he or she is survived by a spouse, a child younger than age 21, or a disabled or blind child regardless of age.

Follow The Appropriate Probate Proceedings

The next steps in the process will follow one or more of these paths.

  • Informal administration or formal administration, depending on whether all heirs consent to informal administration and other factors.
  • Summary processes for estates worth $50,000 or less. Depending on the circumstances of your case, this may include Summary Settlement, Summary Assignment, or a Transfer by Affidavit. If one of these options are available, the process can be done much more quickly and with less hassle than a full probate case.

Your Probate Case Is Unique | Personalized Counsel Is Essential

I am available to help you move efficiently through all required phases of the probate process. I can help you fulfill your legal obligations without delay as the executor of your loved one's estate. Reach me, attorney William D. Block, by phone at 414-930-4478 or by completing the intake form on this website. I look forward to our first meeting by phone, in my office, or at a location convenient to you. The ScheduleOnce function on the Contact page will allow you to set your own consultation time and date.