For Advice And Help With A Will Contest In Wisconsin

When all goes well after a death in the family, the estate can be settled through probate or through administration of trusts without incident. Time and completion of the required steps are all that stand in the way of distribution of assets.

Sometimes, however, one or more of the beneficiaries initiates or faces a legal challenge from someone else. This is known as a "will contest," and the sooner you talk to a lawyer in such a case, the better.

You may be the one challenging a will or you may need to respond to a challenge. You may also not know whether you need to contest a will and are just looking at your options. Will contests often arise when one or more of the following is true:

  • A beneficiary believes he or she should have received more of the estate than what the will says.
  • Someone who is not named in the will believes the omission is a mistake or morally wrong.
  • One or more creditors seek recovery of money owed by challenging the will.
  • Someone alleges that the person who created the will did so under duress or out of undue influence of someone.
  • Someone alleges that the will was improperly altered when the decedent was not competent to agree to a change with full understanding.

Resolve The Will Contest Fairly And Cost-Effectively

Whatever gives rise to a will contest, strong emotions are natural. To avoid making serious mistakes that may cause lasting damage to your family, consult with an attorney who is knowledgeable, skilled, and caring. I am attorney William D. Block and I am well-equipped to represent you as you face a will contest as a plaintiff or defendant.

Ideally, you and the opposing party can resolve the probate-related dispute through negotiations or mediation. In the end, the best case scenario is to believe your rights have been protected and the estate has been distributed according to your loved one's wishes.

Talk To Me About Your Loved One's Contested Will

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